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Frequently asked questions

Am I capable of participating in this hiking tour ?

We design our treks and hiking tours with an inclusive approach by professional mountain guides. Whether you are first-timer or an experienced walker and you are willing to put in the time to prepare for the tour, you should be capable of successfully participating in our tours (subject to incapacitating disabilities or significant injuries). If you are in any doubt give us a call.

I'm a slow walker will this tour be appropriate for me ?

If you put in the time to prepare and are willing to make the effort when required, we will make every effort for you, provided it is not detrimental to the experience of the group. Our tours are designed to allow participants to skip certain sections if necessary by taking alternative transport (at their own cost and guidance) and meeting up with the group later in the day, whilst this is not the idea, it nevertheless remains an option. If you are unsure, why not read our blog, Will I be the slowest?

I'm a fast walker can I walk ahead of the group, alone by myself ?

This is a group holiday and part of the enjoyment is meeting and spending time with fellow participants sharing your passion for the outdoors and hiking. We all walk at different comfortable speeds and we recognise this with our tours. Provided your guide deems it safe and appropriate, you can walk ahead provided you respect the other participants and the limits set by your guide.

What can I expect from an alpine refuge ?

An alpine refuge (FR), also known as a hutt (DE), refugio (IT), refugi (ES), cabane (CH), or mountain hut provides simple accommodation, usually (mixed-sex) dormitories of 6, or more, particularly the smaller huts. By contrast, in the larger huts, we try to take small rooms, where available. There will be shared toilet facilities and sinks to wash, and some huts have hot showers. Bedding is provided though many huts require you bring a simple sleeping-bag liner for hygiene. We have these available to borrow if you require - please contact us for more information.

All the huts we use are serviced by a full-time team who manage the hut and provide the bar (wine and beer, etc), our dinner and breakfast. Dinner is a simple 3-course meal, with starter, main course, and dessert. Breakfast will be a hot drink (tea, coffee or hot chocolate) and a cold buffet, ranging anywhere from simple bread and jam to more elaborate offering such and cereals, cold meats, and cheese.

Spending a night is usually a fun, though basic existence. The emphasis is on the location and the experience. Their resources are limited, with supplies brought up by mules, humans or expensive helicopters, so don't expect your favorite cappuccino coffee or fried eggs for breakfast.

You may at first feel a little out of your comfort zone. It's likely you're not alone. Remember it's a special experience. Generally, our tours are limited to one night at a time in huts.

I have a special dietary requirement ?

The fun of travelling is about experiencing things different from home and accepting that we may not always have access to our usual treats, particularly in the mountains. We recognise people do have specific diets, by choice or by necessity. Vegetarians are accommodated in all restaurants. Vegan and gluten-free options are becoming more accessible although you are advised to bring appropriate supplements. Ensure you include your special dietary requirement on the supplied health form.

Do I need and special gear for hiking in Europe ?

After booking we send out regular accompanying information, including a comprehensive gear list. However, there are no special requirements, the usual appropriate hiking gear for mountain weather: good boots, layered clothing system with good waterproofs, backpack, water bottles, sun protection, etc.

Can I book a single room ?

Our pricing is based on 2 persons sharing a hotel room. Clients booking individually will be assigned a room companion. For some tours we can arrange single occupancy, which can be selected as an extra fee at the time of booking where it is available.

Can I arrange to extend my holiday ?

We provide fantastic options to extension your tour in one of the cities nearby the departure/return locations of our main tours. These are highly recommended to relax before or after your tour. They have been carefully selected by us to be value for money and to maximise your enjoyment.

What is the difficulty level for of the hiking trip ?

It's important to understand the difficulty rating for your hiking trip. However, it's worth noting that different organizations or travel agencies may have different definitions for their hiking trails.

Each hiker is unique, has different levels of experience, and we each perceive difficulty differently. Trenoza Treks have determined our five 'Challenge' ratings for each hiking trip by considering factors, such as the difficulty of the terrain, the elevation gain, the duration of the hike, and the overall level of fitness required. Some days may be easier and some may be harder, and the hiking profile is planned carefully to even out the experience. Also the actual trail conditions on the day, weather, and personal fitness level can greatly affect the difficulty of a hike, which is why we stress that the rating should be considered an average day for the trip.

Trenoza Treks Hiking Challenge Ratings
Casual: These hikes are relatively short and easy, with little to no elevation gain. They may be suitable for people of all fitness levels, including children and older adults. Distance: under 5 miles; Elevation gain: under 1000 ft (under 8 km, under 300 m).
Easy: These hikes are generally short to medium in distance, with a moderate amount of elevation gain. They may be suitable for most people, but may still present some challenges for those who are less physically fit. Distance: 5-10 miles; Elevation gain: 1000-2000 ft (8-16 km, 300-600 m).
Moderate: These hikes are generally medium in distance, with a moderate to significant amount of elevation gain. They may present a challenge for some hikers, but are still considered to be within the abilities of most people who are in good physical shape. Distance: 10-15 miles, Elevation gain: 2000-3000 ft (16-24 km, 600-900 m).
Vigorous: These hikes are generally longer in distance, with a significant amount of elevation gain and may include difficult terrain. They may present a significant challenge for most hikers, and are typically recommended only for people who are in good physical shape and have some hiking experience. Distance: 12-18 miles, Elevation gain: 3000-4000 ft (20-26 km, 900-1200 m).
Intense: These hikes are generally longer in distance, with steep elevation gain, difficult terrain, and a total elevation gain of 4000 feet or more. They may be physically demanding and may pose a higher risk of injury. They are only recommended for experienced hikers who are in good physical shape. Distance: 17+ miles, Elevation gain: 5000 ft+ (over 25 km, over 1200 m).

What is the group size for the trip?

Our standard group size for our hiking trips is up to 8 persons. Larger private groups can be accommodated on request, and in such cases, additional guides will be provided for groups over 8.

Can I arrange for a private guide or leader?

Yes, it is possible to arrange for a private guide or leader. If you are interested in this option, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and pricing.

What are the options for transportation to and from the trailhead?

We try to minimize transportation on our trips, preferring to walk-in and walk-out of our accommodations. However, certain locations do require some transportation, which we will organize, using the most appropriate means and is provided as part of the trip package.

Is there a guide or leader on the trip?

Yes, all of our trips are led by a professional guide who is responsible for managing the logistics and ensuring the safety of the group. The guide will have in-depth knowledge of the area and will be able to provide valuable information about the local culture and history, as well as point out any interesting features of the landscape. They will also be able to assist with any problems that may arise during the trip, such as providing first aid if necessary. The guide will also be responsible for managing the pace of the group, making sure that everyone stays together and that the tour runs smoothly. With the guide help and support, the tour will be more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience for all the members of the group.

Is there an option for a private hiking trip?

Yes, we do offer the option for private trips. These trips are tailored specifically to your needs and preferences and can be customized to suit your group size, fitness level, and interests. With a private trip, you will have the flexibility to choose your hiking location and schedule, and the guide will be able to focus solely on your group. This can be a great option for people who prefer a more personalized experience, or for groups with specific needs or requirements. If you are interested in booking a private trip, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and pricing.

Can we make any changes to the trip itinerary?

While we have carefully planned out the itinerary for our trips to provide the best possible experience, we understand that sometimes plans may change. In general, changes to the itinerary cannot be made, but we do offer the option for a customized itinerary for private groups. This means that if you book a private hiking trip, you will have the opportunity to work with our team to tailor the itinerary to suit your group's specific needs and interests. This can include adjusting the length of the trip, the level of difficulty of the hiking, or adding in specific activities or points of interest. If you have any special requests or concerns, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate them. We'll be happy to help you create an itinerary that works best for your group.

What is the maximum altitude we will reach on the hiking trip?

The maximum altitude reached on our trips will vary depending on the specific trip you choose. However, in general, the highest altitude we reach on our hiking trips is under 9,000 feet (2800 m). Whilst this is considered as a moderate altitude and you may experience some mild symptoms of altitude sickness such as shortness of breath and fatigue, we will not be sleeping at this altitude. It's important to be well acclimatized to the altitude before going to these heights. Trenoza Treks hiking trips are planned to help the group to acclimatize before reaching the highest point, taking it easy the first few days of the trip. If you have any concerns about your ability to handle the altitude, please consult with a doctor or contact us to talk to a professional guide.

Are there any age or fitness requirements for the hiking trip?

In general, Trenoza Treks try to accommodate the broadest levels of experience and abilities. However, you should have a moderate level of fitness and are able to walk for several hours at a time on uneven terrain. It is important that you consider your own fitness level and experience when deciding whether or not to participate in one of our trips. We recommend that participants should be over 18 years old, but if you are younger and fit enough, you may join the appropriate trips with a parent or guardian. Most trips are ideal for first-time hikers. The more challenging trips require you have some hiking experience, be comfortable with walking on rough trails for for longer durations, and steeper ascents. Please note that all trips have certain physical demands and you should be honest with yourself about your fitness level and your ability to complete the trip. It is crucial to be prepared for the trip, both physically and mentally. If you have any concerns about your ability to participate in the tour, we recommend that you consult with a doctor or contact us talk to a professional guide.

How experienced do I need to be to participate in the hiking trip?

Our hiking trips are designed to accommodate a wide range of experience levels, from first-time hikers to experienced outdoor enthusiasts. For first-time hikers, we suggest starting with a shorter, less strenuous hiking trips that will help you build up your confidence and fitness level. If you're an experienced hiker, we have more challenging trips that will reward your endurance with an incredible experience. If you have any concerns about your experience level and whether or not you will be able to complete the trip, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

What is the cancellation policy?

An initial deposit of $400 USD per person is required to secure your reservation. If you decide to cancel your trip, up to 90 days before the departure date we provide a hassle-free refund. It should be noted that Trenoza Treks LLC is a bonded travel organizer, licensed with Secretary of State, Washington, USA. In case of any questions or concerns please contact us.

Are there any additional costs not included in the trip price?

No, our price covers all the necessary expenses for the trip, which includes accommodation, meals, transportation, luggage transfer, and a professional guide. However, it does not cover any flights to get there, personal expenses and luxuries such as alcoholic drinks, and any optional items like gratuities and travel insurance. The details section of each trip specifies exactly what is included.

Can I take my pet on the trip?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the trip.

What is the level of cell phone service and internet connectivity during the trip?

Cell phone service and internet connectivity during the trip is generally good, especially when roaming, however, there are some remote mountain areas with limited or no services. It's always recommended to check with your service provider before the trip to confirm coverage in the areas you will be visiting.

Are there any vaccinations required for the tour?

No specific vaccinations are required for our European destinations, but we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional or checking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for the most up-to-date recommendations for the countries you will be visiting.
However, individual countries may have their own entry requirements, including proof of a negative COVID-19 test or quarantine regulations upon arrival. It's always best to check with your destinations' government websites for the most up-to-date information and to comply with any rules and regulations.

Is travel insurance required or recommended for the trip?

Yes, travel insurance is required for the hiking trip. It is important to purchase a travel insurance that suits your individual needs and covers the entire duration of your travels, including inbound and outbound transportation, the hiking trip, and any additional traveling. This will ensure that you are protected in case of any unexpected events or incidents during your trip. As a minimum your travel insurance must include coverage for costs associated with: helicopter evacuation, search and rescue, medical and repatriation; adequate for hiking activities accompanied by a guide to the maximum altitude listed in the itinerary (notionally 3000 m / 9850 ft or less). Travel insurance is not included in the trip price and it is important that you arrange it separately with your preferred provider. If you have an annual travel insurance policy please check that it meets the minimum requirements.
For greater protection for our participants, we recommend you select travel insurance which covers: costs associated with unforeseen cancellation of any part of your travels, costs due to flight cancellations or delays, and lost or stolen luggage. 

What are the options for payment?

We use STRIPE payment services for our online payments. All standard payments cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, China UnionPay, and debit cards.
Alternatively, we can accept bank transfers or wire transfers on request.

Do we need to take our own food, or will it be provided?

The trip includes all meals, including breakfast, dinner and picnic lunch, so you don't have to take your own food. However, if you have any special dietary or medical requirements, please let us know in advance of departure so that we can make arrangements accordingly.

Can you provide more detailed information about the trail?

Sure, while we do not generally provide detailed information about the trail prior to departure, rest assured that on the first day of the trip, our guide will give a comprehensive briefing to the group. Additionally, each night the guide will go over the itinerary and any necessary information for the following day's hike. Please let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Are there any permits or fees required for the hiking trip?

No, all necessary permits and park fees are organized by Trenoza Treks and included in the trip price. You do not need to worry about obtaining or paying for any additional permits or fees.

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