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Will I be the slowest?

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You’re 9 years old, standing on the dusty baseball field with the rest of your classmates.  The team captains have chosen their players, and only two people – two athletically challenged, uncoordinated, and gawkish people – remain sans team.  You mumble to yourself, “Don’t be the last one picked, don’t be the last one picked.” 

You’re the last one picked. 

This creeping sense of self-doubt that you are NOT good enough to do an activity can tiptoe after you even into adulthood.  Our hikers are often worried they’ll be the slowest, and that the group will suffer for their sluggishness.  

We’re here to dispel that fear RIGHT NOW. 

This is a vacation. Not a race.

Oh sure, there will be people who have to be first, out in front of everyone else, every hiking day. There will also be people will long, graceful, legs that will seem to slide up the mountain with zero discernible effort. 

Don’t let that psych you out.  Shoot, I’m built like a hobbit and have never glided up anything in my life.  The point is this trek is going to be different for everyone.  Some days you might be in front of the pack, other days in the middle.  If you’re tired, you might hang towards the back of the pack.  That’s okay.  This is not a competitive sporting event; it’s a holiday!   

Oh yeah, that'll be me in the back.

We know how to adjust.

When our trail days are planned, our guides take into account a range of different fitness levels.  Yes, you need to be physical fit enough to do the trek (see our FAQ for trip challenge levels).  Yes, you should ask us if you’re worried about the difficulty of a particular trek and whether you’re able to do it.  (We love emails!)  But generally, the hike days are meant to be accomplished at a comfortable pace.  Most importantly, we want you to be happy and healthy on the trail – not fast! 

Journey before destination.

When you go on one of our treks, you’re going to see landscapes you’ve never seen before, wildlife you’ve never encountered, and flowers (OMG – the flowers!!!!) galore.  You’re supposed to take time to look around.  Suck up the sunshine and the alpine views: every second you spend out on the hill is one you’re not in your office!  Don’t rush the experience.   

So go ahead, BE THE SLOWEST.

Take it all in and remember that even though you’re moving, this is a getaway, a vacation, a holiday, a respite, a break.  Let it be.

By Ashley

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